We have painter Michael Swearngin to thank for the unique artwork seen in our labels.

The red wine labels are a reproduction of his 30x40" acrylic on canvas painting entitled "Black Moon Trailblazer" that hangs in Paul's office.

The whites use Michael's cowgirl piece intitled "Mystery, Passion, Power"

Born in Olathe, Kansas in 1959 and in his youth his grandfather taught him the heritage of the cattleman and rancher. Michael's family moved overseas for six years where his father and mother traveled throughout Europe. There his interest in painting began. Moving to San Antonio, Texas in 1973, Michael began his art career. Spending sixteen years there influenced him to develop the rich colors and textures in his contemporary style of painting. Combining his interest in contemporary art with the fading heritage of the American Cowboy, he expresses these experiences to others through his art. Michael's fluid acrylic paintings create unique imagery inspired by the rugged spirit so vividly seen in the west.

To visit Michael's online gallery go to http://www.contemporarycowboy.com

Suzanne Karp is a Los Angeles based photographer currently living in Santa Rosa, CA. Suzanne specializes in fine art, portrait, event and architectural photography.

We want to give special thanks to Suzanne for taking such great photos of our gang in action and inspiring the design of our website.

To visit Suzanne's website go to http://www.suzannekarp.com